Frequently Asked Questions
Why are we a community and not a “Clan”? Main   reasons   for   Battlefront   2   include   the   problems   that   the   game   has   in   its   current   state, especially   when   it   comes   to   its   matchmaking   system.   I’ll   try   to   explain   it   better   through the following lines. 1.- Pre-name Tags Usually,   when   we   see   clan   tags   in   a   match,   especially   in   modes   where   team   strategy   is key,   like   heroes   and   villains,   players   in   the   other   team   tend   to   quit   the   match   early, especially after the first few kills in case they’re taking a beating. In   its   current   state,   the   game   does   not   discourage   quitting   a   game   midmatch,   and   it   is really   frustrating   to   end   up   with   4   vs   3,   or   sometimes   even   4   vs   2   matches,   and   that’s   if the other team doesn’t entirely quit before.  Clans   usually   come   with   tags   that   identify   them,   such   as   TAW,   AOE,   AOD,   -UE-,   etc… We   have   no   issues   with   clans,   on   the   contrary,   the   challenge   of   facing   clans   provides fantastic   matches   and   it   is   really   fun,   however,   the   problem   mentioned   above   is   the   main reason I’ve proposed that we all just avoid game tags. 2.- Perceived hostile behavior - Whether real or undeserved. When   facing   a   clan,   just   as   in   the   case   of   a   lot   of   games,   we’ve   encounte   some   that   either take   the   game   way   too   seriously   or   even   take   a   hostile   approach   in   chat   and   comments, and   that’s   another   thing   that   wouldn’t   go   well   with   us,   the   whole   community’s   base   relies on   the   fact   that   if   you’ve   been   invited   to   add   us   is   because   you’ve   been   regarded   as   a good   sport,   who   doesn’t   talk   down   your   own   team   or   the   opposing   one,   and   who   can   be gracious both in victory and defeat. Just   to   make   one   thing   clear:   Clans   are   not   hostile   per   sè,   groups   with   tags   are   not   hostile per   sè   either.   this   is   just   a   perception   that   has   been   documented   through   several   surveys for   MMOs   and   that   we’ve   encountered   through   several   games,   to   make   the   point   even stronger,   sometimes   the   hostile   behavior   starts   from   the   opposing   teams   calling   names   for the clan team being “a premade” or “unfair” etc, which gets the problem going. 3(a)  Limiting rules Sometimes,   again,   there’s   an   exception   for   every   rule,   clans   can   be   too   demanding   with their   players,   might   even   require   a   schedule,   or   have   hard-coded   rules   just   like   guilds which   can   many   times   hinder   the   freedom   of   behavior   members   might   have.   This   is something   that   we   believe   makes   things   start   losing   its   fun   charm,   and   the   community we’re   building   has   been   working   because   every   single   one   of   us   goes   into   matches   at   the times   we   are   having   fun,   no   comittment   issues   by   “orders”   but   by   willingness,   which   is   so much powerful, and we’ve seen how it works. 3(b)Fun above expertise Not   taking   things   too   serious   goes   a   long   way,   while   we   all   try   to   do   our   best   in   game, sometimes   lack   of   experience,   or   technical   issues   might   get   in   the   way,   understand   this and   do   not   belittle   or   take   it   personal   against   other   players   if   their   game   is   not   up   to   your expectations,   try   to   carry   on   this   behavior   in   and   out   of   the   community,   remember,   if you’ve been invited, you are now part of an Elite.
Frequently (And recently) asked questions from new elites Should we be recruiting new members? The short answer is, No. We are not a recruiting playerbase. Do we invite new people Yes. The difference? A major one, we are happy to receive people who are looking for a different Community, not a standard clan (or guild in swtor)... what you can see in here. We do offer to stay in touch when we find like-minded people, who are nice, friendly, and as grateful as we are to have this same experience in an MMO world where politeness is not exactly the norm and is a very welcome find. If someone wants to join, we’re more than happy to keep on growing in this natural way, but never by asking or harrassing anyone to do so. Never offer false expectations  We are a small community, regardless of how many of us are online daily, we are not going for massive numbers.
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