SWTOR GUILDS and currently in the works for a Battlefront II Community
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Welcome to an Empire like no other A Star Wars gaming community The ways of Dark Sith Elite stem from community values, not those from a typical MMO guild or clan. Don’t be surprised if things are run differently, that’s why Dark Sith Elite is not an ordinary guild, and it’s not, by any chance, a clan, nor it intends to become one. You will find friends with no attachments as well as friends who belongf to different clans.
This is what you must do, I am an expert in 1.7 million MMO games, 1 million guild and/or clan  management systems,leader of 20 successful raiding, 10 social guilds, and 15 clans
That is impressive. How many of your kind are out there?
Estimate is 98% of the existing guilds and 95% of all clans... So you must follow my lead if you want to be just as unique….
When we want to be in an ordinary “guild” or “clan” where we are nothing more than a number... we will consult you again, droid. Thank you for your feedback.
We don’t go for member numbers, we’re only about the  quality of a fun community experience
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